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Our Mission

Our corporate mission: Guided by ethical principles. As one of the world’s leading environmental service providers, UAHPC together with WTE is aware of the responsibility we carry for mankind and the environment. Strong ethical principles are inextricably bound to our self-perception. The rules for our technical actions are determined from the outside by legislators and organizations. With regard to our corporate thoughts and actions, and our dealings with customers, partners and colleagues, we feel inwardly bound to values that go beyond the effects of legislation.

Voluntary commitment to values that go beyond rules and regulations

Basic ethical principles and codes of conduct recommended for international business are anchored in our corporate mission. They apply to fairness in competing for project tenders, just as they do for our dealings with the people, companies and institutions involved in our projects. We strive for maximum transparency in all our business dealings. Active environmental protection, project sustainability and the good of mankind are always at the forefront of our dealings.

Guiding principles as the impulse for future development

The values defined in our corporate mission contribute to ensuring the success of our projects. They promote our reputation at home and abroad. Not least, they encourage our staff to meet the increasing demands made on them, and to develop more and more innovative solutions and implement these even under the most difficult conditions.

Social commitment – an element of our corporate culture

Corporate social responsibility, representing the involvement with matters over and above the actual business itself, is for us a welcome element of our corporate mission that has become a matter of course. Here we also maintain our view to the future and to the good of mankind: Together with WTE we promote institutions that support young people.

All-encompassing view of the supply of water to mankind

Our all-encompassing view takes account of all factors that influence the fulfilment of our objectives: Protecting the environment and water resources, guaranteeing good water quality and providing people, agriculture and industry with sufficient clean water.